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Japanese Girl Group XG’s ‘New Dance’ is a high-octane dance party

<p>The music video for the Japanese girl group XG’s most recent song, “New Dance,” which is rumored to be the lead track off their first Mini Album/EP “New DNA,” has been released. The group is riding the waves of high octane energy and all-out dance-party attitude.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-144214″ src=”” alt=” images 70 1″ width=”1282″ height=”635″ srcset=” 319w,×74.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1282px) 100vw, 1282px” title=”Japanese Girl Group XG's 'New Dance' is a high-octane dance party 6″></p>
<p>The Japanese dance pop masters with a base in Seoul continue to explore creatively and search for methods to progressively change their sound while keeping their distinctive sound.</p>
<p>While the group is well renowned for their hip-hop, techno, and R&B sound, there is also some experimental 70s dance pop in the mix and a little departure from their previous BTS-style K-pop, instead pulling more towards contemporary American pop.</p>
<p>As might be anticipated from XG, the production is of the highest caliber, with a crystal clear mix, open sound design, thunderous bass, and very audible samples that perfectly match the members’ voices, all of whom appear to be having a ball throughout the song.</p>
<p>‘New Dance’ is a positive dance music with significant guitar riffs and hi-hats, as well as a catchy chorus that gives the whole song some color. The theme in the song is to have fun and dance like no one is looking.</p>
<p>In order to complement the sci-fi sound of the first track from the Mini Album, “Grl Gvng,” XG included a techno-style steam punk flavor. They seemed to be coming from space in the footage.</p>
<p>The second song, “TGIF,” signaled a shift in XG’s musical direction by highlighting synth-pop influences.</p>
<p>Now “New Dance,” whose central subject is discovering life’s possibilities, continues to emphasize much of the beauty contained in everyday objects.</p>
<p>The video captures the summertime spirit of XG by presenting the dance-party feel of the song as well as amazing sights like a sunset beach, roofs under blue sky, and travelling into the city and dancing in the streets.</p>
<p>On September 27, 2023, XG will release a brand-new EP, “New DNA,” which will showcase all of their development.</p>
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